04 May

Azure Automation: A Quick Overview

How many times have you done something of which you thought: “Why isn’t this automated, why can’t the system do this for me?”
When you are on Azure and got some services running, then Azure Automation is something for you.


Basically, Automation is another Azure service that allows you to automate frequent and time-consuming tasks. Aside from reducing errors and giving a nice boost to efficiency, it ALSO helps you to REDUCE COSTS!

How is this achieved?

By simply creating Workflows via PowerShell and uploading them to the Automation service. You can also bind a schedule to these Workflows, and let them work automatically during certain periods of the day.
What will you use this for? For shutting down servers overnight, for example. This can cut down servers costs by 30%!

You can also get a lot (and then I mean A LOT!) of Workflows and Runbooks that are already created by the community. These are stored in the Runbook Gallery, which can be accessed via the Automation Service.

You can find more information on Azure Automation at

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