16 Jun

How to use Custom Attributes within Swagger in .NET


The Swagger framework is a very handy framework to create, document and test your API’s. By default it already supports or has a lot of attributes in the .NET Framework. However sometimes you’ll want to add your own attributes so you’re able to add specific information. In this post I want to show you how you can add your own custom attributes and add specific info to your Swagger file.

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24 Oct

Why you should use Azure Application Insights

Application Insights

So you’ve got this great web application. It’s being used by thousands of users. The code is written perfectly (or so you think). It’s just pure magic.

Then there’s this one page in your application. You know, that one you’ve written on a Sunday morning, hungover from last night’s party. That page is working at the same speed you were probably coding that morning and throws up more errors than… well you get the picture. How’re you going to monitor this in production and catch those exception?
Here comes Azure Application Insights! In this post I will tell you about some of my favorite Application Insights features and by doing so I’ll try to convince you to start using it too.

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