25 Apr

Bulk restore bacpac files local

It is easy to import a bacpac file via the SQL Server Management Studio. Now it is a hard time if you have to import a whole bunch of bacpac files.
This can easily be solved by using PowerShell and a small script.


This data you’ll be needing for this script:

  • Folder where the scripts are located: [FOLDERPATH]
  • The name of your local SQL-server: [SERVERNAME]

$goodlist = dir
cd 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\110\DAC\bin'
foreach($i in $goodlist){ $name = $i.Name; $namer = $i.Name.Substring(0, $i.Name.length - 7); .\SqlPackage.exe /a:Import /sf:[FOLDERPATH]\$name /tdn:$namer /tsn:[SERVERNAME]}

Keep in mind that my bacpac-files are saved as followed: [databasename].bacpac

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